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From "Work Horse" To "Show Horse"

So I ran across a blog about the evolution of the lifted truck.  Evolution defined as the gradual development from a simple to a more complex form.  When it comes to lifted trucks, well complex is an understatement.

“Go big or go home” is a popular saying and should be the mantra for those who prefer to ride high in their lifted trucks. Trucks have always been known as “work horses,” and were created to make work easier for those who could afford them back in the day. By the 1950's people were buying pickups for lifestyle reasons.  Today pickups are typically used as a passenger car, however for customizers and enthusiasts who like to have toys that can handle any terrain it rolls on, they are more than just a means of transportation.  Truck enthusiasts have turned the "work horse" into a "show horse".

Lifted trucks came about in the middle of the 20th century, during both World Wars for military vehicles with massive wheels and extended suspensions, which were later used on regular trucks. Because war trucks and tanks needed to travel across the crazy terrain around without bogging down, advancements in suspensions and larger tires were made. By the 1970s, many large auto names now offered 4-wheel drive vehicles, which was just the beginning of lifted trucks.

From there, lifted trucks became a necessity for people living in areas like the North that experienced harsh winters or the South with the swamps and muddy terrain. When regular vehicles couldn’t travel those terrains, many started to modify their existing trucks to ride higher and tougher to endure the harsh environments. Heavily modified pickup trucks grew in popularity, and the sports of truck pulling and mud bogging gain traction. Many truck owners began to create massive monster trucks to compete in such events. One such ride – Bob Chandler’s Bigfoot – gained national attention and was the first monster truck of its kind
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