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About K&B Auto Complex

Affordable Used Car Dealership in Medford, OR

When you need a new vehicle, be sure to stop by our used car dealership in Medford, OR. At K&B Auto Complex we are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the best buying experience possible. From the moment you step on our lot until the time you drive away in your next car, your buying experience with us is our top priority. We encourage you to use the expertise and resources of our sales staff. They are here to help you find the right car at the right price. goto www.KandBAutoComplex.com

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car from a Reliable Source

Whether you’re purchasing your first car or purchasing one for your teenager who is about to get their license, it’s important to visit reliable and trustworthy car dealers. When you visit our dealership, you’ll be discussing your needs with dedicated sales staff who will work with your budget and tell you everything you need to know about the vehicles you’re interested in. 

When purchasing a used car from our company, you don’t have to worry about pushy sales people, overinflated car prices, or driving away in a vehicle that will break down a week later. All of our trucks and cars for sale are reliable and good quality, and are sure to serve you or your teenager well.  goto www.KandBAutoComplex.com

Full Range of Used Cars and Trucks for Sale at Great Prices

Are you looking for an affordable but reliable truck to use for your business or on the farm? We have a full variety of used trucks for sale that are ready to be put to work. If you’re looking for something more impressive or recent, we offer a variety of car and truck models as new as 2017. From powerful Dodge Challengers and Ford Mustangs to practical and efficient Chevy Sparks, we carry a full range of vehicles suitable for every price range and preference. 

If you don’t have the full amount to purchase your used vehicle, we offer financing for qualifying customers! Apply online or at the dealership for a used car loan with competitive rates, and get the car you really want, rather than the only car you can afford at the moment. Our sales staff is ready to help you find a great quality car at a price you can afford, either by purchasing it outright or by making monthly payments on an affordable and competitive car loan. Reach out to our team to discuss your financing options. 

Contact us to get started on your search for a used car. We are proudly located in Medford, Oregon.     goto www.KandBAutoComplex.com for directions
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